Group Counselor

  • Your specialty is the campers in your group. You participate with campers in a variety of daily activities in which you are the catalyst, leader, helper, guide, listener, and above all the role model. Counselors are entrusted with providing for the daily welfare of their campers and with helping each child have a rewarding summer experience.

Group Leader

  • You are fully responsible for a "division" of campers, supervision of staff, and primary parent communications. Lots of time management, administrative tasks, working hands on with children and staff are involved. Proven success in communication, discipline, organization, risk management and creative programming are important. Educators preferred.

Activity Specialist

  • If you have a specific talent to share this is the job position for you.  Activity specialists facilitate one specific program at camp.  The job includes lesson planning, preparing & implementing developmentally appropriate activity sessions.  As a specialist you will interact with both boys and girls of varying ages.  Specialty jobs include…
    • Athletics - archery, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, volleyball, fitness, early childhood games, cooperative games, climbing wall
    • Creative Arts - arts and crafts, leather craft, jewelry, drama, dance, nature, chess, music (choral, guitar, keyboard)
    • Waterfront - Lifeguards, Water Safety Instructors
    • Media - desktop publishing (pagemaker/photoshop), digital photography, videography, website management, journalism

Do you have a talent that you can bring to camp with you that is not listed above? 
Please fill out an application and enlighten us!


Baseball Coach

  • The baseball coaches will supervise their campers and actively participate in all baseball instruction and baseball games. Squad coaches, like group counselors, are responsible for the safety and welfare of their campers. They lead their squads in all baseball and other sports activities. Knowledge and a passion for the sport are looked for.

   Squad Leader

  • Baseball squad leaders supervise the squad coaches. It is their responsibility to see that the baseball sports program is being carried out as planned by the Baseball Camp Director and Head Coach. The squad leader provides instruction in the various phases of the game of baseball. He is the chief instructor for each of the squads under his supervision. Educators and Coaches preferred.

Support Staff Positions

  • Registered Nurse

  • Nanny (infant to 3 yrs old)

  • Maintenance

  • Office Staff

  • Bookkeeping/Accounting

  • Switchboard

  • Program Director

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